Consider for a Moment, a Moment…

     The moments that pry aside the noise of everyday life; creating a welcoming pause from the constant drumroll of time carelessly passing. The moments where you feel your feet firmly planted in the foundation of all life, while at the same time your spirit is inexplicably lifted beyond. Some call them “lightbulb” moments, others an “Aha” moment. It’s as if God himself is whispering, “it’s me.”      

     I am presently fixated on the concept of a “moment”. Maybe, I foolishly think I am smart enough to trick Mother Nature into stilling for us. Perhaps, she generously provides those willing a reprieve from time to time. In any case, I value such moments. The ones that never leave us no matter how efficiently time seems to be orchestrating our lives. 

     The constellation of a lifetime of moments creates the cohesiveness of our memory. Gently, delicately plucking at this beautiful arsenal of a life, someone’s life, my life, is an exercise in expressing gratitude for a life bestowed. 

     One simple, yet valuable such moment in my life was when Brooke was about 6 months old. She sat in her beloved bouncy chair on our blue Formica kitchen counter. I stood directly in front of her, sleep deprived. My hair in a messy bun, not one stitch of make-up or Mom glam radiating from me. But, I can still hear the sound of her laugh & relish in the sparkle that lit up her dark brown eyes. She faithfully erupted in this full out, belly laugh each time our neighbor started his leaf blower. 

     It was then that I made the commitment to never forget that seemingly ordinary moment. I knew enough, even as a relatively young, novice Mom that time may not always be my friend. This was a “moment” to treasure~ the absolute joy my child was feeling. I knew that my life was then and henceforth intertwined in each of her moments of joy.  

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