Sea Turtle

      I love to share this story with my students. I cannot remember where and when I first read it, but it doesn’t matter. I am taking the liberty to recreate it.

     Baby sea turtles hatch on the beach under a nest of sand and each other. They must make the treacherous voyage across the beach to the ocean within moments of hatching. Many do not make it.

     A young boy happened to come upon these adorable creatures making this challenging trip. With his heart full of care and concern, he gently picked them up one by one and left them by the water’s edge. He left feeling quite satisfied that he had saved them from a difficult journey.

     Unknown to this kind, well-intentioned boy, he had done more harm than good. You see, for the baby sea turtles to develop and survive the ocean, they must make this risky trip on their own across the daunting beach. For as much as many of us would love to spare them any suffering, it is only in surviving through it that they have the needed strength to flourish in the ocean.



Winter snow, winter white; will you be mine tonight?

Huddled in, cuddled tight; the cold wind dancing tonight.

It hums a song; the soothing tunes of nature whispers in my ear tonight.

The gift of time, the gift of white…carelessly drifting tonight.

Candles lit, fire bright; time graciously unwinds tonight.

winter storm invoking, relinquishing the binds of life; gently gesturing to those you hold dear tonight.

A Thousand Suns

Your life: You could easily chase a thousands suns; hoping, praying that you unearth at least one. 
It is not until the ray of clarity and of confidence shines on you it’s light, that graciously you tread your path in this life. Even if it is on your own, that is just as right. 
Because, no matter the storms that may come or even the darkest of nights, you are then always able to see this glorious, illuminating ray of light. 

If only…

     If only; I could offer to you where my heart undeniably dwells. There would be no need to create any elaborate story to tell. As if; to justify, to excuse, or to ask reprise within a trusted wishing well. 

     Forever then; would you forgive me, allow me, accept me as if an iridescent pearl within its earthly shell.

     If only; as it brings forth and beats my heart could speak to you this well. 

My Morsel 

Give me something to bite my teeth into.Tearing away, please, but a taste to sustain me through the feast or the fast of this lifetime.

A morsel to arouse my pacified senses; nourish me, energize me, awaken me once again to the flavors of each and every creation.

The moments of magnitude, the ones labeled insignificant or those of obnoxious overindulgences, even those that leave you weak from it all; give me but a serving from each to ground me, yet all the while enticing me to find the balance in all the irony and contradiction that garnish unwelcome. 

Give me my bite, my sliver of heaven, my tasty morsel~ forever more satiating to my heart’s delight. 


Behind the White Coat

Cambodia 546

“I went to the drive through and got the biggest thing of popcorn chicken they sold and I ate every last bit of it in the car.” She had that numb, dead look in her eye that I had seen before. “Then I pulled over on the side of the road, stuck a finger down my throat, and made myself throw it all up.”

“You’ve done this before?” I asked in disbelief. “You are bulemic?”

She nodded. “Since I was a teenager. I hadn’t done it in a year or two, though.” I had been seeing her for over ten years and not an inkling of this was ever spoken of before.

No clue.

“Why did you do it this time? What the hell happened?”

“That new pulmonologist you sent me to? She’s as skinny as my pinkie. She says to me as soon as she walks through the door…

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