Summer 2018 🌺

Steering around the corner with a car full of groceries, I caught a glimpse of her familiar frame. It was just one year ago, I admired her tending to her relatively spacious yard. Her aged, yet sturdy frame, logging in a day’s worth of physical labor. She always kept her yard pristine.

Today, she held a cane in one hand as she stood cautiously opening her mail box across the street from her home. She slowly turned and gingerly stepped over an incline. Her gait and her posture was much less steady than in years past. She was now in my rear view mirror and my heart raced for her safety. After all, this heat has been dangerous. 

I anxiously pulled my car into our driveway, one block away. I hurriedly requested the kids to unload the car as I turned to leave, “I need to check on a neighbor.” 

I approached her as she stood at her gate that she had just closed. She was very slow to proceed and her arm was resting over the metal bar. She was staring down at her swollen knee. 

“Hi, my name is Mary.” I gently introduced myself. “I want to be sure you are Ok in this heat. Do you need anything?” I touched her forearm to be certain she heard me. 

Her clear blue eyes met mine, “Oh!” She smiled kindly. “I have AC in there.”

“Thank goodness,” I responded relieved by this information. My mind scanned, “Do you need groceries?”

“My brother brings them to me tomorrow.”

I would learn a lot about my new friend, E, as I will refer to her now. She is 92 years young! She lives on her own, has never been married and is a resident of our town for over 80 years. She had five brothers who “watched out for her”, one of them to this day. She has not had the strength to care for her yard like she used to. I sensed her defeat in admitting that fact. “I need to get my son up here to help with that!” I offered. 

I left so fulfilled by our chance encounter. I shook my head that I had not introduced myself sooner. All those times I drove by and admired her work ethic, I could have paused to say, “Hello! Your yard is beautiful!”

In the end, life is what you make of it.  I am thankful to my friend, E, because she inspired me take a peaceful moment or two to write. It is here that my flowers come into full bloom. 



If you only we could embrace change  happily? Change is most often greeted with resistance.
After all, we ARE merely trillions of cells evolving and bonded by a destiny to change, gravitating in a dynamic, transforming cosmos. 
 The problem is, you think…believe even, that you have time. 


Quietly reflecting on the New Year, I am persuaded to articulate my thoughts. A moment when the urge to write is so strong, I oblige. Just a few moments though…creating just enough space. My amateur offering, but nonetheless genuine.
Align yourself with truth; 

        true intention 

        true emotion

        true connection

        true friendship

        true love

        true meaning.

Allow all else to cascade away; may peace be at your core.

Sea Turtle

      I love to share this story with my students. I cannot remember where and when I first read it, but it doesn’t matter. I am taking the liberty to recreate it.

     Baby sea turtles hatch on the beach under a nest of sand and each other. They must make the treacherous voyage across the beach to the ocean within moments of hatching. Many do not make it.

     A young boy happened to come upon these adorable creatures making this challenging trip. With his heart full of care and concern, he gently picked them up one by one and left them by the water’s edge. He left feeling quite satisfied that he had saved them from a difficult journey.

     Unknown to this kind, well-intentioned boy, he had done more harm than good. You see, for the baby sea turtles to develop and survive the ocean, they must make this risky trip on their own across the daunting beach. For as much as many of us would love to spare them any suffering, it is only in surviving through it that they have the needed strength to flourish in the ocean.


Winter snow, winter white; will you be mine tonight?

Huddled in, cuddled tight; the cold wind dancing tonight.

It hums a song; the soothing tunes of nature whispers in my ear tonight.

The gift of time, the gift of white…carelessly drifting tonight.

Candles lit, fire bright; time graciously unwinds tonight.

winter storm invoking, relinquishing the binds of life; gently gesturing to those you hold dear tonight.