A year that has taken so much from all of us. I do not want to focus on that because there would be so few words left to write about the void that has been felt by each of us. We have been challenged to choose in these 365 days how it would define us. That decision gets exhausting at times. There are moments, like this one, that all there is left is pure and unaltered honesty.

For me, exploring this sentiment fills some of that void.

Most New Year’s I am inspired to transpire with the universe. Today, I simply hope it does not forsake me. 2021 brought to me the deep seated realization that some things simply and plainly…suck. Maybe, that is truly what acceptance is all about. This was a harsh realization but necessary for my preservation.

I am still tempted to share all the moments I have risen to the occasion, especially in 2021. An example of the resilience I have demonstrated throughout my life. But I pause.

Why must I?

With this raw acceptance comes the realization that I am worthy too. Not just parts of me, but all of me. The parts that have been celebrated and valued, but also the parts that are still growing and “flawed.” I no longer need to justify any of them.

Neither does 2021. It was what it was.

In the depths that was 2021, I discovered that worth is not something to be displayed or paraded, but rather something that is experienced and felt.

For all that was lost in this past year, 2021 has safely led me back to myself. I am proud that I am able to continue to show up as her in 2022.

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