Insights from 2020; not all was lost.

In the uncertainty of the past few months, some things did become more certain.  For that, I am grateful.

  • You are not required to be accessible to everyone.  It is not selfish to prioritize your peace.
  • Cultivating and maintaining boundaries around your space, time and relationships is a self-care/self-love practice.
  • The ego will always slip in the back door.  Do not shame it.  In order to usher it back out, you must be open to listening to what it has to say.
  • It is you alone that holds the potential to thrive and fulfill your dreams and passions or to stay where you are.  The energy expended is the same.
  • Fears can either keep you stuck or motivate you to grow and create.  They can become a powerful catalyst, while it is only you that is the alchemist.
  • The mind believes what you tell it.  It simply is a construct of your perceptions and beliefs. Choose wisely; are your thoughts focused on scarcity or on abundance?
  • You have all the potential in the world or none at all depending on which sentiment just garnered your focus.

       Lastly, my new favorite quote on potential:

“For it’s during our expectant hours-those hours that might once have been called ‘idle’-that we are most pregnant with our potential.”   (S.B. Breathnach)