“Be Strong.” 

     Courage is not the absence of fear. It is glaring through its dark, desolate eyes and sinister, gruel grin declaring, “I will overcome you.” 

     Positivity is not the absence of sadness. It is rediscovering the beauty of your smile even in a storm. It is welcoming love in each and every moment. It is being grateful every single day, no matter what. Your arms may be sore from steering yourself clear of the turbulent currents, but you always find yourself at the peaceful water’s edge…smiling. 

     Strength is not the absence of weakness. It is discovering your ability even through your weakness. You may have a gentle step, but you faithfully continue your journey even still. Your footing may be at moments uncertain, but it is certain that the strength of your backbone will carry you. The strength of your heart is your super power.

     This is the Yin and Yang of life. But above all this, above everything else, is love~ always, always there is love. 

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