Could it be? 

A discreet bow out of a toxic situation or place, is this essentially a nod to peace?

When, rather than argue a point that would no sooner be mute, one allows a pause instead and perhaps enables peace?

“Letting go” instead of committing to all personal injustices unseen and unappreciated, could it be? Choosing peace?

A word, deed, or lack thereof that pulsates and throbs within one’s chest, yet forgiveness swiftly soothes without the urge for reciprocation. Yes, this must be, choosing peace.

Limiting confrontations to only a few absolutes and choosing to give in while not at all giving up, all those times…wow, all along.

It is, choosing peace.

2 thoughts on “Could it be? 

  1. What a great lesson for today. Modern take on the old adage “Choose your battles”. I hear echoes of childhood and mom. But, this post is so much more…the emotions & thoughts in the moment tempered with awareness and self-restraint that lends itself to the bigger picture. It’s not the loudest voice that is necessarily heard.

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