In Darkness, Light

Bound and dulled your desires may be. Lulled and dampened by emotions undeserving. Lost or hidden fears may mysteriously reply. Unsteady, unsure your confidence may seem.

Damaged, broken or unyielding it may all appear to be. Resigned to only maintain and not to thrive. Huddled; seemingly protected from all the uncertainties that may carelessly intrude otherwise.

From this hollowed crevice…a crack, a light will appear. Allow yourself a glimpse. For with just that, it will resonate despite it all.

The truth, the light, that is safely cradled within us all. And, as with all the other moments before, welcome the possibilities of its warmth and its comfort. Rediscover the undeniable strength, the glowing intentions, and the endless loving gestures forever streaming from its rays.

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