Pandemic 2020

Day Four (3/15/2020)

Today, I ponder and am granted ample time to do so.  Perhaps, this is a giant wake up call to those of us who are walking mindlessly through life.  This virus has forced us to engage the emergency brake.  Every one of us is affected, some more than others.  I consider those who are in unsafe homes.  Those among us who are barely sustaining.  Those among us who struggle emotionally.  I know life as we know it will not be the same.  This will affect every generation moving forward, however subtle it may be…it will.

I consider the emotions involved: fear, panic, uncertainty, angst, suffering, anger, outrage, bitterness but also hope, love, faith, unity, determination, compassion, creativity, and the list goes on.  I do frequent check-ins to determine where I fall on this spectrum.

I sense the stillness that surrounds me in my home, my community, and in the country.  But, I also sense the intensity and mission of those on the front lines.  I am trying to discover the balance between the two.  It does not seem fair that I can indulge in this stillness, while others must struggle.  The thought comes, ‘I am a nurse.  Maybe, I can volunteer to help.’

Governor Baker is addressing the state on the current mandates.  He is tightening the grip and doing more to enforce social distancing.  Social distancing; a concept that is at the forefront of containment.  I have never heard these words more than in the past two days.  Schools are mandated to close for three weeks now.  Bars and restaurants are being forced to close.  There are heightened regulations protecting those in long term care facilities.  The city is essentially being locked down.  There are so many unanswerable questions.

It seems to be sinking into my children that this is not a vacation, but a world event that will have a significant impact in one way or another.  At this point, no one knows the reach, but this is certain.  The press conference is over just as quickly as it started.  Brooke was making macaroni and cheese standing by the oven on her phone when the notification came in.  We scurried to turn on the T.V.

Within minutes, they have turned on a silly movie with cartoon characters and Michael Jordan.  Their version of decompressing.  It is a lot to process for everyone, but particularly for those whose life has been relatively stable and predictable to this point.  I have faith they will gleam the good out of all to this.  Concepts such as sacrifice, gratitude, and empathy.


“The best teacher I know is life.  It has a strange way of humbling us and forcing us to grow and open our hearts and minds.”  Joe Duncan (CEO and Founder of Before 5am)












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