An Open Letter to my Students

To My Students,

I am your teacher. But, what you may not realize is that I am also one of your biggest supporters. I hope you understand that my words, actions and intention all stem from that fact.

I have had my successes and achievements in the healthcare profession. I have had many highs and feel incredibly fulfilled for what I have accomplished.

Now, I look to you. My success now walks in your shoes and rest in your hands. I am committed to supporting you in the path you chose. I will be with you in spirit wherever it leads you.

I ask this of you. Are you grabbing ahold of the education and opportunities presented to you or do you sit passively, uncertain or uninterested as it all passes you by?

You must know I cannot stand to see that happen. I will care more than you when I have to, but I wish I never had to.

I see you all for the struggles you must overcome, but more so for all you are capable of. I see it. In my gut. I see your face and there it is, the light that is you. The possibility; the potential you hold. Each unique and special. I cannot unsee it.

This is YOUR time and I am here to fight for it for you (or better yet… with you) how, when and if I am called to. Let’s make a mark together.

Sincerely, Mrs. Green

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