These Hands 2/28/14

These hands have stroked soft, warm coats of fur. They have played & they have colored. They have climbed, splashed & counted. While even before they grasped, shook & crawled.

These hands have torn, ripped & peeled. They have cracked, dipped & shaken an abundance of flavors.

These hands have balanced, arched & gracefully pointed; providing the body direction & graceful expression.

These hands have dug, built & sifted sand along the shore. They have pocked & carried the beauty discovered in oceans, lakes & streams.

These hands have held, massaged & supported thousands of woman as they brought forth more.

These hands have cradled, patted & swung her own children & more.

These hands have clapped, waved & risen in bleaches, at tables, on dance floors and more.

These hands have shaken, dampened & clenched in those times they were extremely unsure.

These hands have hugged, wiped, and pulled. They have sorted, cut & carried. They have written, typed & tied. They have folded, cleaned & scraped.

These hands have extended to welcomed life & they have closed in prayer to mourn death. They have fed, cleaned & comforted those who could not anymore.

These hands have demonstrated & instructed skills, techniques and more.

These hands represent my life, my gift to share, and will explore the world forevermore.

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