Teaching 1/18/14

There are moments when teaching is swimming against the current during high tide.

Hands hampered by a snarl of slimy seaweed or feet tangled in some sort of unexpected, restricting debris.

Eyes searching for the beacon, the lighthouse you have faith lies within the distance, a journey worth the trials of traveling.

Against the sting of salt in the eyes or the burn of sea water invading your throat, you maintain hope that each deliberate stroke will find you closer.

Hope, for any one of your efforts, may find you near. The burn, the sting, the weight of the ocean on the recesses of your body may subside and allow a shimmer, a mere sparkle, to light.

And, alas! A single stroke may illuminate but one spark~ providing you the reserve necessary to travel the distance to the ideals of life, you have faith continues to radiate beyond. With this, each stroke, aligned with the breaths of your life, keeps within pace; eyes fixated on that glorious illuminating force~ education.

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