Memoir; Reflection

I have been spending a couple hours each morning working on my memoir.  After much reflection, I came to the realization- I had known all along.  It was almost as if it was waiting for me to be ready. I shared this with my family and ensured their blessing as it is an emotional topic for each of us.  In order to allow myself the vulnerability necessary to be true to myself and to my loved ones, It was imperative that they be involved in this decision.

I am writing about my experiences as a young child and the development of my capacity for love, compassion and hope in relation to my eldest brother. He is 13 years my senior and was diagnosed with a mental illness (paranoid schizophrenia) when I was in grammar school.  There simply are no words that exist that could relate to you what he means to me and what I have learned from him.  As daunting as it is to express, I am going to do my absolute best to share it through the memories and reflections in my memoir.

I have shared my humble beginnings on this labor of love and in my mind’s eye, I know where I want to go with this story.  I know the message I want this memoir to give to the world, but it is very much still in its infancy.  This will be a labor of love and as a novice writer, I know there will be countless roadblocks in this process.

I only hope to be a voice, one that will break the deafening silence and the stigma of mental illness.  I know his story will show the hope and love that he represents.  He may have schizophrenia, but schizophrenia does not have him.

Because  it is imperative to this message that I give in fully to this story,  I cannot continue to share its development. The message may be lost in the earlier chapters and for peace of mind, I need to develop it completely before I share its origins.

If you have stumbled on this post and are not familiar with my writing, please visit my site.  “The Little Sister” is the introduction presently to my memoir and will provide you a glimpse into my style.  If it interest you, my hope is that if , better yet when, you see my name next to a memoir in the future, you will join me on this adventure and embrace this inspiring story of family, love and hope.

Thank you, BZ (Mary) Green

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