I was not going to do it; I was not going to rehash the day. Truly show those who stumble across me on the feed, how sentimental I can really be.  But, he asked me…of all people. 
     The gentleman, almost a full head of soft, white hair & dressed in a collared shirt, khakis & Sperry like shoes, sat quietly beside me. He was clean, groomed & well cared for by someone. He was a new addition to the activities center for the elderly I visit. 
     It became obvious to me his memory had all about faded by the few questions he asked me politely. 

At one point, his gentle expression changed & he seemed to become concerned. I could sense his posture stiffening. 

He struggled to find even the most ordinary of words, but managed to mutter, 

“I don’t know what happened to the girl.”

My mind wondered what did happen to “the girl”~ was there a tragedy that haunted him even now? 

I tried to soothe him knowing how such things could escalate,

    “It’s Okay. She’s okay, don’t worry.” I gently touched his forearm & sought to make eye contact. 

     Many minutes passed, he sat quiet as the activities went on unknowingly around him. I sat at his side. 

     Then, he added, 

          “She is my twin.”

“Oh!” I jumped in (as I always do with twin talk). “I have a twin, a brother too.” He seemed pleased with my response. We were instantly bonded by knowing what that really means. 


     Again, he sat quiet as minutes passed on. Then, there it was, what had urged him to bring forth coherent words & thoughts,  

“I don’t know if she is dead or alive.” 
    Weakened by this revelation, I tried to casually seek out someone who may know. I hoped I could come back to him & reassure him once again. I learned he had lived on a farm. Visions & sounds of children running & playing jumped across my vision. But, I discovered he was the last alive of his many siblings & his wife had just very recently passed. He softly eyed me as I returned to the area for which he sat. 
     I paid particular attention to him the rest of my stay. I hoped my presence soothed his worry for a bit. 
     The first person I called on my ride home to share this story is the same one who encouraged me to start a blog, the same one who has been part of my life from the very beginnings. 
      Even though our bodies & minds someday may fail us, love never will. 

Those we love today, will come to us all our tomorrow’s.  

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